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What is a club? Common Questions about your club

What is a club? Why have a club?

What is a club? Why do people form clubs? I thought about it, I looked it up, and by definition a club is an association of persons for some common object, usually jointly supported and meeting periodically; also: a club is a group identified by some common characteristic. But then I realized a club is so much more than that. A club is a group of people that like to hang out together, bonded by a common interest and becoming as friends and extended family of like-minded individuals that together, work with the same love of growing and doing things related to their common interests. A club is much more than just the sum of its members because as people add to the club it grows to beyond just a group of people that are interested in the same thing – it becomes a living, breathing entity to where the members have fun and enjoyment that they can share with others and in turn share in the others fun and enjoyment.

Why do people like and form clubs?

Camaraderie. Friendship. Mentoring. Learning new things. Group activities. Finding others that share the same enjoyment of the very things and activities that made you seek out a club to begin with. There are so many reasons, what are some of yours?

Why do clubs need dues?

One of the original reasons clubs were formed were to share expenses. Group discount anyone? Often times a group of people together can do things less expensively and quicker than just one individual can. Let’s say you want to go somewhere and the admission is $2, but you have only $1. But look! Group admission is only $1! So if you are with your club, now your admission is at the group rate - that $1 now gets you admission plus the advantage of sharing your experiences with a group of friends. The same applies to time. If it takes 8 hours to accomplish a task, 8 club members together can do that task in 1 hour. Members of a club all share and put in time and money to grow and do more than they ever could by themselves.

Why do people consider club members as family?

Clubs are more than just friends, club members treat each other with respect and feel that they have responsibilities to share the part of themselves that treats others with kindness and caring for each other, helping each other as a team, putting their best effort into all that they do for the benefit of their club – the same as they do for their own family.

How can I make my club better?

Members. Members are the heart and soul of any organization – find people that share your passions and bring their energy and enthusiasm back to your club. So, if you want more out of your club then help your club grow and get more members and make the club family bigger. Remember, more people do more. Look for good, true members that want to be a part of something awesome and that are willing to give and share - not necessarily money, but love, caring, support and with an open heart and ideas to help the club and each other.

The club isn’t doing anything for me. Why?

Your question really should be: What can I do for my club? If you put effort into your club, you will get that effort back tenfold. But if you join a club and don’t do anything to further your clubs interests, of course you won’t get much back from it.

So ask your club – What can I do? Tell them what you are interested in. There is always something that could use your particular expertise, but if no one knows what you are good at, then you’ll never get your chance to shine. It’s your club and will only be as good as you and the other members make it. Make your club great! Step up, do what it takes and the rewards will be endless. That is what a club is about.

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