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Want to Save Fuel?

Here are some tips...

Why is it that before the elections, gas prices always tend to spike to unbearable highs? While we'd like to give you an answer for that, we'll stick to what we do best: helping you get the most of what little gas you can afford. Whether you live in a place where you can ride all year round or you're counting down the days till spring melts away your winter blues, it's looking like gas struggles will be starting early this year. Here are a few tips to keep you from buying a bus card and staying fuel efficient, even on your scooter.



It's a simple thing you should be doing already but properly maintaining your ride can not only keep you safer on the roads but also bump up your MPG. A clogged air filter, dirty oil and gunked up carbs all make your scooter work harder than it needs to, therefore using more gas than it should. A lot of times, this is more of an issue with older scooters. An older scooter doesn't necessarily have worse gas mileage because the engine has become weaker over time but because it isn't properly maintained. Before you hit the road this spring, make sure to give your scooter a good onceover to make sure everything is working in top order. Be sure to clean and maintain your scooter's air filter, install or replace your scooter's fuel filter and clean out or rebuild your scooter's carburetor.


They're not only a huge part of maintaining your scooter on a regular basis but they also play a huge part in how your scooter's gas mileage performs. Having properly inflated tires is possibly the easiest but most effective way to get every mile out of every gallon. If your tires are a little low, your bike will have to work harder to get them rolling smoothly down the road. Every time you get ready to ride, check your pressure to make sure it's up to POI. Not only will this help you keep an eye out for any damage or leaks that could cause nasty problems on the road, it will help you save at the pump.

Bits and Pieces

If you're still hoping to squeeze a few more miles out of your precious petrol then you might want to take a gander at the aftermarket part replacements for air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs and even exhaust pipes to fuel cleaners. There are a ton of aftermarket parts that you can install that can help your scooter perform better and save you gas and therefore money in the long run.

Sleek is Sexy

Be a little more aerodynamic. We're fans of baggers and all the fixings they come with, but sometimes it's just not practical. If you want to get some more MPG's out of your beast of a scooter, try tuning it down a notch. Oversized bags and luggage as well as huge farings and sissy bars cause wind resistance and force your engine to work that little bit harder. Unless you're taking a road trip to the other side of the state, leave all the extra crap at home and you'll notice a huge difference in your gas mileage.

Gear gets miles

Your bike isn't the only one that affects the aerodynamics of your dynamic duo. The gear you sport also affects your gas mileage. Even though the weather will be warming up, look into a more sleek full face helmet instead of the half helmet and check out some light mesh jackets that will keep you protected and cool without having to be an unzipped, flapping drag-cape.

You're the Boss

Of course, it doesn't all come down to how well your scooter is performing but how well you're performing on it as well. How you ride affects how much get up and go you get out of your fuel. Revving up the rpm to jump straight off the line or even making abrupt stops may make you feel like really cool, but it puts more strain on your motor as well as your breaks causing you to use more gas than you need to as well causing you to replace your brakes more. While you're in motion, try not to overexert your ride. If you're cruising on a 125cc scooter, know its limits and keep them in mind and you ride. Trying to keep her up at 60 mph may save you time but will use way more gas. Try to keep an eye on your speed along with your mileage and how often you fill up. You should be able to notice what speed ranges give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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