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Scooter Laws in Connecticut

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Connecticut Scooter Laws

Get to Know the Scooter Laws in Connecticut

This article is about Connecticut scooter laws and the Connecticut motorcycle endorsement regulations that you will need to know.

Each state is different, so don't assume that because Idaho requires licensing of scooters 50cc and smaller, that Connecticut does too. Here, we will give you a brief introduction and overview of the motor scooter laws for Connecticut. Then, at the end of the page, you'll find a link for more detailed information on Connecticut scooter laws.

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Which Scooter Should I Buy?

These are questions that get asked more than any other. We wish we could say that there is an easy answer.... there isn't. Many factors come into play, but we hope this information will help to narrow your field of choices. We've included some of our opinions on specific models as well.

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