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Which Scooter Should I Buy?

These are questions that get asked more than any other. We wish we could say that there is an easy answer.... there isn't. Many factors come into play, but we hope this information will help to narrow your field of choices. We've included some of our opinions on specific models as well.

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Scooter Buying Tips

The economy is tanking. Bleak financial headlines are bombarding us every day. And on top of everything else, gasoline prices continue to be painfully high.

If you’re on the prowl for ways to save as much money as possible right now, you may be among the growing numbers of consumers who are showing an interest in scooters. Of course, depending on the weather where you live, a scooter might not be a viable year-round answer for you — but get this: A cute and trendy scooter can cost as little as $4 to fill up. Just $4!

Intrigued? The following tips can help you reflect on the pros and cons of owning a scooter.

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