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Reciprocal Clubs

Benefits and Caliber of Reciprocal Clubs

Countless members of Stamford's Riding Club, the ScooterZ Social Club, enjoy the exclusive membership benefits of access to our constantly growing list of amazing reciprocal clubs! Members have access privileges to these outstanding club's facilities, (when available) gracious services and membership privileges at events when visiting their area.

ScooterZ Social Club members enjoy the membership benefits of hob-nobbing with members at these additional private clubs. Some members even feel that the value provided through our network of reciprocal clubs alone is worth joining Fairfield County's Premier Riding Club, the ScooterZ Social Club!

How Does Reciprocity Work?

When you are a ScooterZ Social Club member and wish to visit or attend an event at a reciprocal club, the first step is to contact one of the ScooterZ Social Club officers to ensure current availability. If needed, the ScooterZ Social Club will arrange to send over a letter of introduction to the club(s) you wish to visit during your travels. This letter of introduction verifies that you are a member in good standing at the ScooterZ Social Club, and is good for 30 days.

There is no cost to request a letter of introduction and there is no limit to the number of letter of introductions that you can request from the ScooterZ Social Club in a year. You can request more than one letter of introduction at any one time, which can be helpful if you are traveling to a city with several reciprocal clubs. However, each reciprocal club may have different rules and limitations regarding what our members can do at their club and the frequency of your visit. All ScooterZ Social Club members must abide by their house rules.

Are you a member of another club?

Great! You'd like to attend riding events in Stamford and Fairfield County? The ScooterZ Social Club also accepts other club members as our members too. Feel free to sign up for your ScooterZ Social Club membership, or contact us to arrange reciprocal privileges from your club to ours.

Do you know of a club that you wished would be reciprocal to our Club?

Do you know of or are a member of a club and would like reciprocal privileges for you and your ride in Stamford and Fairfield County with the ScooterZ Social Club? Just use our Contact Us form and provide us with the contact information of any of your club officers and we'll reach out to them to start the process! ScooterZ Social Club Members are also welcome to participate in the process of recommending new reciprocal clubs to be added to our list as our Club is for the members, by the members.

Each reciprocal club has their own House Rules and limitations in their reciprocal agreement with the ScooterZ Social Club. These reciprocal agreements are courtesy agreements, and are subject to change at any time. ScooterZ Social Club members are advised to contact any ScooterZ Social Club officer so they can clarify any specific conditions and limitations of the club you wish to visit before attending any events or functions. ScooterZ Social Club Members must abide by their rules, regulations and requests while visiting these clubs.

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