Fairfield County's Premier Riding Social Club

We are a casual group of people that enjoy riding together. If you respect every aspect of riding like we do, and want to have fun riding and exploring like we do, then feel free to join us for some riding fun!

Welcome to the ScooterZ Social Club - Stamford and Fairfield County's Premier Riding Club!

ScooterZ Social Club is dedicated to the enjoyment and enthusiasm of cycle riding.

If you want more information, use our Contact Us form or call us on our Club Information Line at: (203) 340-0520

Riding clubs have been around since the dawn of motor scooters. When Enrico Piaggio first introduced his beautiful Vespa scooter, clubs started popping up all over Europe. Vespa Club of Italia and Vespa Club of Britain are two of the originals and have been around forever. In the 50's the Vespa Club of America was established and other U.S. riding clubs started all over the country. Nowadays there are thousands of legit riding clubs all over the world. Most clubs are all about having fun and meeting new people. In Stamford's Riding Club, Scooterz Social Club, it is the same way.

About ScooterZ

The ScooterZ Social Club is headquartered in Stamford, CT. Started in 2015, ScooterZ SC is all about having fun with the riding lifestyle.

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Become a member of Stamford's Riding Club, the ScooterZ Social Club and meet up with like-minded individuals for fun rides, scooter and motorbike related activities and events. New to riding? We have plenty of mentors just waiting to teach you all the ins and outs of the riding world. Come join us!

  • Basic membership is free!
  • Members only newsletter
  • Access to members only information and area discounts
  • Regular organized group rides (weather permitting)
  • Reciprocal privileges available to other clubs
  • Stamford and Fairfield County's Premier Riding Club

Tips and Tricks

So now you have a motorbike or scooter... Bring your fun and knowledge to the next level! There is always something else to learn about your bike and riding style.

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